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Recent Calls for Papers

  • Lever Press, a peer-reviewed, open access press sponsored by leading liberal arts colleges,
    issues call for works and series

The Lever Press, a peer-reviewed, open access publisher of scholarly monographs in the humanities, the arts, and the humanistic social sciences, has officially launched.

Conceived by an initiative of the Oberlin Group, a consortium of eighty liberal arts colleges across the nation, the Lever Press is made possible by funding commitments from more than forty college and university libraries within and beyond Oberlin’s membership, and run by a partnership of two established scholarly publishers—the Amherst College Press and Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan. Lever Press is guided by a cross-institutional, multidisciplinary editorial board of distinguished scholars.

In giving shape to its emerging editorial program, Lever Press has developed a “Guidance to Authors” signaling an interest in works characterized by three qualities:

Exhibit the deep commitment to interdisciplinarity that is native to smaller academic communities where faculty members daily collaborate across field boundaries. We are particularly interested in projects that connect perspectives from the sciences, arts, and humanities.

Engage with major social issues facing our communities. Founded on strong ethical and religious principles, liberal arts colleges are the location of important debates about the grand challenges that face our society which we hope to manifest in our publications.

Blur the traditional lines between “research” and “teaching,” creating resources ideally suited for experiential learning environments. Liberal arts colleges have reinvented the pedagogy of engagement and our publications will reflect that commitment. Among other things, we are interested in projects curated by faculty members that involve undergraduates in the process of creation and highlight their contributions.

Proposals for new works and new series are now being welcomed at the Lever Press website. Information and instructions for submissions may be found at

  • The Asian Shakespeare Association is calling for seminar papers for its second conference “All the World’s His Stage” to be held in New Delhi, 1-3 December 2016. The deadline for submissions is 15 July. Click here for a description of the seminars.
  • The Medieval and Early Modern Folklore section of the American Folklore Society is organizing two panels at this year’s joint meeting of the American Folklore Society and ISFNR, to be held in Miami 19-22 October 2016. The sessions are “‘Into the Vale of Years’: Musings on ‘the Incomplete’ on the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Passing” (on the idea of incomplete/revised texts, the idea of the incomplete, etc. in the works of Shakespeare) and “‘Tell My Story’: Musings on Narrative on the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Passing” (on the theme of the idea of the construction of narrative, false narrative, etc.) Contact information, a short abstract (100 words), and a long abstract (300) for 15-20-minute papers should be sent to to Kerry Kaleba at by 25 March 2016.
  • The journal Romanesques invites contributes to a special volume on “Shakespeare and the Novel,” to be published in spring 2017. The deadline is 1 November 2016.
  • Michael LoMonico, the Folger Library’s Senior Consultant on Nation Education, will be guest editing a forthcoming issue of Critic, the College English Association’s journal, on “Teaching Shakespeare in Today’s Classrooms.”