Shakespeare Association of America

2021 World Shakespeare Congress (Posted 3 May 2017)

Dear ISA Members,

As we look back on the great success of the World Shakespeare Congress in 2016 we also start to look forward to the next Congress in 2021. The first and, at this stage, by far the most important decision to be made is where WSC 2021 will be held. We therefore invite anyone interested in developing a proposal for hosting it to be in touch. Please pass this invitation on to anyone you think might wish to know about it.

On our website ( you will find some powerpoint slides, developed by Peter Holbrook, our immediate past President, about the process of hosting the WSC. I hope you will find them useful as you begin to consider what is involved in doing so. We will of course be happy to answer any questions, large and small, about it. Please contact me at and/or Nick Walton at

All we would need at this stage is a brief expression of interest, to be followed in due course by a more substantial proposal. We would like to receive initial indications of interest no later than 1 July 2017. Please send them to me at We will invite those selected to present a fuller proposal to send that by 1 September 2017 and we will provide further details of what that might contain in due course.

We know that we are always reliant on the labours of our hosts but we hope to make WSC 2021 also a source of pride and an achievement that memorably rewards the hard work. To WSC 2021!

Peter Holland,
Chair, ISA