Shakespeare Association of America

Annual Meetings

The SAA’s Annual Meeting takes place in a different city each year, generally in late March or early April. Full information for each meeting, including the conference schedule, is announced in the SAA’s January Bulletin.

SAA meetings have fewer presentational panel sessions than other academic conferences. Much of the meeting is reserved for a large program of seminars and workshops that require their participants to prepare and circulate work in advance.

The meeting convenes over three days.

  • Thursday: one group of seminars and workshops, panel sessions, a second group of seminars and workshops, and the Annual Reception. The Reception is open to all registered conference-goers and, by previous arrangement, their guests.
  • Friday: the annual Plenary Session, other panel sessions, the Annual Luncheon, and a third group of seminars and workshops. The Luncheon serves as the organizational business meeting, with remarks and announcements by the SAA President.
  • Saturday: panel sessions, a last group of seminars and workshops, and a closing dance.

Other events are held throughout the conference, including film screenings, concerts, performances, and performance workshops. Among the resources for conference-goers are book displays and database demonstrations organized by academic publishers and project directors. The meeting schedule may also include tours of local-area theaters and libraries.