Shakespeare Association of America

2015 Digital Salon

At the 2015 conference in Vancouver, the SAA will host a Digital Salon for Association members who wish to demonstrate projects that draw on digital resources or that integrate digital technology into scholarship, teaching, and public work on Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Projects might address aspects of Shakespeare’s era, Shakespeare in performance, Shakespeare in print, or Shakespeare in translation. Projects must be scholar-generated and can include text analytics, smartphone and tablet apps, digital archives, and website development. The SAA will supply exhibitors with equipment and connections (power, internet access, and video monitors) and strongly encourages international participation.

The Digital Salon will be open Thursday, 2 April 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Contributing to the Digital Salon does not preclude exhibitors’ participation in other conference sessions. Exhibitors who demonstrated projects at the 2014 conference are welcome to reapply in 2015. Priority, however, will be given to first-time exhibitors.

Proposals are accepted through the online SAA Digital Salon form submissions. All proposals were submitted by 1 November 2014 and reviewed by the SAA’s Digital Strategies Committee.

2015 Digital Salon Proposal Form

2015 Digital Strategies Committee

Julia Reinhard Lupton, SAA Trustee and Committee Chair (University of California, Irvine)
Scott L. Newstok (Rhodes College)
Eileen Joy (Director, BABEL Working Group)
Noam Lior (University of Toronto)
Peter Latka (University of Toronto)

Exhibitors at the 2015 Conference in Vancouver

Mark Bayer (University of Texas at San Antonio)
“Data Mining Early Modern Drama”

Gina Bloom (University of California, Davis)
Sawyer Kemp (University of California, Davis)
“Play the Knave: A Shakespeare Performance Videogame”

Jen E. Boyle (Coastal Carolina University)
“My Hermaphrodite Text: Mediated Form and Sexual Exception in Margaret Cavendish”

Kurt Daw (San Francisco, CA)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Webapp

Tanya Hagen (Records of Early English Drama)
Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT)

Brett D Hirsch (University of Western Australia)
“Bibliography of Editions of Early English Drama (BEEED)”

Brett D Hirsch (University of Western Australia)
Sarah Neville (
Ohio State University)
Digital Renaissance Editions

Peter Latka (University of Toronto)
“#shakespeare2020: An Online Tutorial Suite for Undergraduates”

Sally-Beth MacLean (University of Toronto)
Digital Bankside and Southwark

Jami Rogers (University of Warwick)
Multicultural Shakespeare British Black and Asian Shakespeare Performance Database

Kyle Stooshnov (University of British Columbia)
“Virtual Roaming onto an Early Modern Stage”

Christopher Warren (Carnegie Mellon University)
Daniel Shore (Georgetown University)
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: Reassembling the Early Modern Social Network

Exhibitors at the 2014 Conference in St. Louis

Alan Nelson
The Token Books of St. Saviour, Southwark

Linda McJannet, Amy Rodgers, Emily Winerock
The Shakespeare and Dance Project

Noam Lior
Shakespeare at Play

Michael Best
Internet Shakespeare Editions

Janelle Jenstad, Kim McLean-Fiander
The Map of Early Modern London

Roslyn Knutson, David McInnis
Lost Plays Database

Beatrice Lei
Taiwan Shakespeare Database

Pete Donaldson, Diana Henderson, Shankar Raman, Emily Griffiths Jones
MIT Global Shakespeares

Katherine Rowe, Elliott Visconsi
Folger Luminary Apps

Jonathan Hope
Visualising English Print 1450-1700
Translation Arrays

Gina Hausknecht
All The World’s A Stage Direction

Nick Zakharov, Vladimir Makarov, Boris Gaydin
Shakespeare and Early Modern England for the Russian Audience

Daniel Shore, Christopher Warren
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: Reassembling the Early Modern Social Network