Shakespeare Association of America

Annual Paper Competition

For each year’s program, one panel session is held open for papers chosen in a blind competition.

The deadline for submissions is 1 October. Papers should be submitted in full (abstracts are not accepted) and must be short (maximum twelve double-spaced pages) for a reading time of no more than twenty minutes. Submissions should represent original work that has not been presented in other venues.

Those submitting papers for consideration must be members in good standing of the Shakespeare Association of America. SAAers who have held a leadership role in the preceding year’s conference, having presented a paper or directed a seminar, are not eligible to enter the open competition.

Submissions are accepted as e-mail attachments sent to Identification of the author should be given only in the cover message, not on the paper.
The selection committee is headed by a member of the Shakespeare Association’s Board of Trustees and includes other members of the Association at large. Selections will be announced by 1 December.