Shakespeare Association of America

Travel Grants for Contingents and Independents

Each year, the SAA awards conference travel grants for contingent academics—including adjunct and limited-term faculty, lecturers, instructors, and independent research scholars—who do not have access to institutional travel funding. Awardees receive $400 in travel support and remission of the conference registration fee of $150.

Applicants must be SAA members in good standing; must participate in the meeting program (by speaking in a panel, leading a seminar or workshop, or enrolling in a seminar or workshop), and must attend the full conference. Applicants for the Graduate-Student Travel Grants are not eligible to apply for the Contingent Faculty Travel Grants.

Each application is comprised of two parts:

  • A brief curriculum vitae that documents employment history.
  • A letter, not to exceed 400 words, that states the conference role the applicant will undertake, describes how participation will advance the applicant’s research, and confirms that the applicant does not have access to institutional support for conference travel. You may also explain your circumstances if your status requires it.

Deadline: 1 November 2019.