Shakespeare Association of America

J. Leeds Barroll Dissertation Prize

The J. Leeds Barroll Dissertation Prize recognizes doctoral work with a significant Shakespeare component. Dissertations submitted for the 2017 prize must have been approved between 1 September 2015 and 1 September 2016.  Applicants must be SAA members in good standing.

Applications are comprised of three parts:

  • A completed online cover sheet with name and affiliation.
  • An unsigned, anonymous cover letter of no more than two pages, providing an abstract of the dissertation, giving context for the submitted writing sample (see below).
  • Twenty pages from the introduction to the dissertation or from any chapter of the applicant’s choice.  Page headers must be purged of author names, and notes should not reveal author identity or affiliation.
  • Submissions must thoroughly anonymized, with no names or affiliations in the page headers and no author identities betrayed in notes or in acknowledgments. Submissions that have been incompletely anonymized will not be reviewed.

Application materials will be reviewed by a committee headed by a member of the SAA’s Board of Trustees. Submissions that have been incompletely anonymized will not be considered.

A short list of candidates will be asked to submit copies of their full dissertations for further review.

The Dissertation Prize is presented at the SAA’s Annual Luncheon each year.

The deadline for applications is 1 October 2016.

<2017 Dissertation Prize Application Form>