Shakespeare Association of America

Graduate-Student Travel Grants

Dissertation-candidate members of the SAA are encouraged to apply for travel awards to attend the Annual Meeting. Each award includes a $300 USD contribution to expenses and remission of the conference registration fee.

Applicants must be SAA members in good standing and are expected to attend the full conference. Students may not receive a travel award more than twice. Preference is given to students whose research will be most enhanced by seminar participation.

The application deadline was 1 November and the SAA is no longer accepting applications. The following materials must be uploaded to the 2016 Graduate Student Travel Award Application Form:

  1. A letter, not to exceed 400 words, stating the seminar in which the student is enrolled and explaining how this seminar relates to the student’s dissertation in progress.
  2. Name and email contact information for the student’s Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair. This person will be contacted by the SAA and asked to provide date of approval of the student’s dissertation topic; expected date of completion; date when all other degree requirements were completed; statement of departmental policy on travel support for graduate students; and amount of funding applicant will receive (if any) toward attendance of the Annual Meeting. Letters of reference are not solicited and will not be reviewed.

Awards will be announced by 1 December.

<2016 Graduate Student Travel Award Application Form>