Shakespeare Association of America

Graduate-Student Travel Grants

Each year, the SAA awards travel grants to dissertation-candidate members. Awardees receive $400 in travel support and remission of the conference registration fee of $90.

Applicants must be SAA members in good standing, must take part in the meeting program (by speaking in a panel or enrolling in a seminar or workshop), and must attend the full conference. Students may not receive a travel award more than twice.

Each application is comprised of three parts:

  • A letter, not to exceed 400 words, stating the seminar in which the student is enrolled and explaining how this seminar relates to the student’s dissertation in progress.
  • The name and e-mail contact information for the student’s Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair. The person so identified will be contacted by the SAA and asked to provide the following information: (1) the date of approval of the student’s dissertation topic; (2) the expected date of completion; (3) the date when all other degree requirements were completed; (4) a statement of departmental policy on travel support for graduate students; (5) the amount of funding the student will receive (if any) toward attendance of the SAA meeting. Letters of reference are not solicited and will not be reviewed.
  • A curriculum vitae.

Applications are due by 1 November each year.  Awards are announced by 1 December.

2017 Graduate Student Travel Award application