Shakespeare Association of America

Donate to the SAA

Dear SAA members,

I’m writing to you at this busy time of year to ask that you consider making a gift to support the Annual Fund of the Shakespeare Association of America.

More than just another academic conference, the SAA provides a unique experience of intellectual collaboration and exchange. Through the SAA we have discovered new approaches to scholarship, pedagogy, and digital research; received supportive feedback on work in progress; and formed friendships that sustain us throughout the year. Recent initiatives such as the Scholars of Color Social and the Next Generation Plenary, which features the work of early career scholars, have aimed to make SAA an even more inclusive, welcoming environment.

The financial support of members is crucial to the continuing success of the organization. Although we try to keep membership and registration fees low, those fees primarily cover the organization’s modest administrative expenses and the costs of running the annual meeting. To keep the SAA responsive to the needs of its members and changes in the field, however, we have developed initiatives that require additional financing. For several years, we have been able to support travel to the conference for those who could not otherwise afford it. More recently, we launched the Digital Exhibit, featuring projects that integrate digital technology into scholarship, teaching, and public work on Shakespeare and his contemporaries. We have also sponsored a Graduate Student Breakfast, which provides a friendly environment for graduate students attending the conference to meet each other and SAA Trustees.

By contributing to the Annual Fund, you are not only sponsoring these and other initiatives, but also advancing the unique mission and character of the SAA. Donating is easy: simply click Donate to the SAA from the main page and follow the prompts.

As an added incentive (while virtue may indeed be its own reward), anyone who contributes $25 or more to the Annual Fund before we meet in New Orleans will be entered into a raffle: the prize will be a suite at the Fairmont Hotel for the duration of the conference.

Thank you so much for supporting the SAA. I hope to see you in New Orleans!

Yours sincerely,

Mario DiGangi