Shakespeare Association of America

Donate to the SAA

Dear SAA members,

I’m writing to you at this busy time of year to ask that you consider making a gift to support the Shakespeare Association of America’s Annual Fund.

For so many of us, the SAA has played a vital role in our intellectual lives. Through the SAA we have discovered new trends in scholarship and pedagogy, received valuable feedback on new projects, found collaborators, stayed in touch with old friends, and made new ones. The meetings have launched many young scholars into their careers, provided an important venue for sharing work at mid-career, and offered a community for scholars and teachers right through retirement.

Why give to the SAA now, given all the pressing needs in the world? While we try to keep the membership and registration fees relatively low, those fees primarily cover the modest administrative expenses of SAA and the average cost of anannual meeting. But the Trustees also want to finance new initiatives, keeping the SAA current with the needs of membership and changes in the field. So, for example, a few years back the Trustees created a program to fund travel to the conference for those graduate students who cannot otherwise afford it. More recently, we launched the “Digital Room,” where scholars demonstrate projects that integrate digital technology into scholarship, teaching, and public work on Shakespeare and his contemporaries. While it is vital to keeping the SAA current with new developments in our field, mounting the Digital Room has added to the cost of the meeting.

So I’m asking you now to contribute to the Annual Fund which will help the SAA sponsor more such initiatives in the future, including new events and services for members, especially those who in need of some help. Through the Annual Fund we can build a reserve of program funds on which the SAA can draw to continue to provide what we think is the best conference in the discipline.

Donating to SAA is easy to do: right now you can go the SAA website at and follow the prompts. This can be done in a matter of moments with a credit card.

As an added incentive (while virtue may indeed be its own reward), anyone who contributes $25 or more to the AnnualFund by March I will be entered into a raffle: the prize will be a complementary upgrade to a suite at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (charged at the regular room rate of $135US) for the duration of the conference.

So thank you so much for considering supporting the SAA, and I hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Bushnell