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Dear SAA Members,

My first and far from unwelcome duty as President is to offer you heartfelt thanks on behalf of the organization for your generosity last year in maintaining the many vital programs and initiatives that sustain the organization. Despite the recession, and thanks only to your generosity, we were able to continue to offer financial support to graduate student participants in the annual conference and to fund the Bogliasco fellowship for Shakespeare study in Italy. Both of these ventures are invaluable investments in the future and present generation of scholars and offer an indispensable bulwark against the erosion of humanities research in early modern literature. Because of your contributions SAA continues to be a thriving scholarly organization not just for a relatively small number of academics, but for members who are engaged in Shakespeare teaching and Shakespeare-related research in wonderfully varied situations., and the annual conference offers them the unique opportunity to come together to share their pedagogical experience along with their scholarly expertise.

My second task is to invite you to make a financial contribute again this year, or for the first time if you have not done so before. We welcome contributions both large and small, so please don’t feel, if your contribution can only be a very modest one this year, that it is not worth sending.

President Dympna C. Callaghan

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