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Dear SAA Members,

I suspect you are receiving many greetings at this time of year, and I hope you will enjoy another: on behalf of the SAA, a happy holiday season and best wishes for 2014—otherwise known as Shakespeare’s 450th!

The SAA’s headquarters in Washington DC has had a whirlwind of a year, with our redesign of the website going “live” this past summer (thanks in great measure to exceptional contributions by Programs Manager Bailey Yeager), and the welcome addition of Joe Navitsky as a much needed Assistant Director working alongside our dedicated Executive Director, Lena Cowen Orlin.  These are the people who anchor our organization, providing infrastructure and support through the years even as we maintain a democratic model of rotating elective office for the Trustees.  They make it look easy—but I can assure you, it is not!  We are blessed to have such outstanding staff year round, even if most SAA members think of us primarily at conference time.

The success of our conference has been another gift, enlarging our community even at a time when the discourse in our constituent nations has not been so encouraging for the arts and (perhaps especially) the humanities. The affordances Shakespeare studies provides—bringing together performers and scholars, analysts of poetry and history and drama, culture and text and media—remain a source of inspiration and surprise to me, even after many years in the profession.

I hope the SAA has enriched your life as well, and, if not yet, that it will do so in years to come.   For this to happen, however, I must ask you to join us not only in paying annual dues that support our ongoing conference expenses (and very reasonable hotel rates, for example), but to consider giving back a bit more, in the service of our organization.  We would like to do more and be even more responsive to our membership—who have many exciting ideas and wishes.  But that does take money as well as desire, and so I ask you to consider whether you might be able to contribute to our efforts at year’s end.

In the spirit of the season, I ask (or as my mother would say, I “beg”) that you might contribute whatever you can afford, small or large, to assist us in sustaining the SAA as an inclusive, open and innovative community that keeps Shakespeare and early modern studies vital in the 21st century.

Donate to the SAA

Please do join me in doing so, if you can!

All best wishes,

Diana E. Henderson
The Shakespeare Association of America