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Dear SAA Members,

Greetings! As part of our organization’s ongoing effort to be inclusive, we would like to enable more contingent faculty and graduate students to participate in our annual conference. And, because fees cover only a portion of the SAA’s actual expenses, we rely on donations to keep our dues low enough for people at various income levels to attend. Even a small gift of support would help scholars, who currently do not have the means, to play a role in our vibrant intellectual community.

I know that there are a growing number of issues that urgently require our support at this moment of upheaval, nationally and globally. In fact, when asked last year, I was initially reluctant to give to the SAA, since academic organizations ranked low on my ever-expanding list of priorities. But I realized that there were social inequities close to home that needed my attention, including the creation of a more level playing field for scholars whose positions are precarious. I think that it is important to nurture the core principles on which the SAA was founded – principles evident in our distinctive seminar format, which emphasizes a less hierarchical mode of intellectual exchange. While realizing these core principles is still a work in progress, the SAA has embraced initiatives that recognize the material and institutional contexts that shape our scholarship, teaching, and creative work, including the Scholars of Color Social, the NextGenPlen, and “Shakespearean Futures,” a panel series that we kicked off in Atlanta with “The Color of Membership” and that will continue in Los Angeles with “Shakespeare Beyond the Research University.”

The SAA, as you know, offers a site where scholars, practitioners, librarians, and graduate students can explore the vitality of Shakespeare’s works, theater, and the early modern world. In doing so, we seek to demonstrate the value of humanistic inquiry in a world that needs to be convinced of its significance.

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Thanks so much!


Wendy Wall
President, Shakespeare Association of America