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All current members of the Shakespeare Association of America are entitled to vote in officer elections.

On 1 January each year, to accompany the release of the January Bulletin, a slate of candidates is announced to fill three open positions on the Board of Trustees. There are at least two candidates for the office of Vice-President and at least four candidates for the two open Trusteeships. The SAA member who is elected Vice-President in one year will succeed to the Presidency the next year.

For more on SAA Officers, see Governance.

  • 2019 Ballot for Officers

    2019 Ballots for SAA Officers

    With thanks to the members of the Association who forwarded suggestions, the Nominating Committee of the Shakespeare Association of America, chaired by Farah Karim-Cooper (Shakespeare’s Globe) and including Patricia Akhimie (Rutgers University, Newark), Gretchen E. Minton (Montana State University), and Jeremy Lopez (University of Toronto) present the following candidates for office in 2019:

    For Vice-President

    Natasha Korda is Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Humanities at Wesleyan University, where she is past chair of the Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program. She is author of Labors Lost: Women’s Work and the Early Modern English Stage (2011), Shakespeare’s Domestic Economies: Gender and Property in Early Modern England (2002), and over 30 scholarly essays; she is coeditor of Working Subjects in Early Modern English Drama (2011) and Staged Properties in Early Modern English Drama (2002). She has received multiple grants for her scholarship and teaching and has served on the editorial boards of several journals. At the SAA, she directed a seminar in 1998; was a plenary panel presenter in 2008; and served a three-year term as Trustee in 2015-18, chairing the 2016 Program Committee that introduced the “Shakespearean Futures” initiative.

    Evelyn Tribble is Professor of English at the University of Connecticut. At her prior position with the University of Otago in New Zealand, she served as Head of Department from 2004-6 and 2010-12. She is author of Early Modern Actors in Shakespeare’s Theatre: Thinking with the Body (2017), Cognition in the Globe: Attention and Memory in Shakespeare’s Theater (2011); she coedited The Palgrave Companion to Early Modern Literature and Science (2016), Embodied Cognition in Shakespeare’s Theatre (2014), and is coauthor of Cognitive Ecologies and the History of Remembering Early Modern England (2011). In addition, Professor Tribble is the author of over 30 scholarly essays and serves on several journal editorial boards. For the SAA, she was Trustee from 2015-16 and was a member of the Open Submissions Committee in 2012; she led seminars in 2013 and 2018, and was a panel speaker in 2010.

    For Trustee

    Holly Dugan is Associate Professor of English at The George Washington University. She is the author of The Ephemeral History of Perfume (2011); she has coedited a special cluster, “Fabulous Animals,” for Early Modern Culture 11 (2016), and the special issue “Intimate Senses” for Postmedieval 3.4 (2012). She is completing a book on Shakespeare and primatology as well as a project on Shakespeare and the senses. She codirected an SAA seminar in 2015 and served on the SAA’s Program Committee in 2015 and the Dissertation Prize Committee in 2014.

    Arthur L. Little, Jr. is Associate Professor of English at UCLA. He is the author of Shakespeare Jungle Fever: National-Imperial Re-Visions of Race, Rape, and Sacrifice (2000); he is currently writing Black Hamlet: Disciplining Race, Memory, and the Geno-Performative, as well as a book on Shakespeare and Critical Race Theory, and is editing a collection on White People in Shakespeare.” He directed an SAA seminar in 2013 and organized and presented on the 2017 SAA Plenary panel.

    Lucy Munro is Professor of Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature at King’s College, London. Her books include Archaic Style in English Literature, 1590-1674 (2013) and Children of the Queen’s Revels: A Jacobean Theatre Repertory (2005), as well as scholarly editions of The Witch of Edmonton, The Tamer TamedThe Fleer, and Pericles among others. She is currently preparing Shakespeare in the Theatre: The King’s Men for publication while working on editions of plays by Marston and Shirley. She serves as secretary for the Marlowe Society of America, Publicity Officer for the Malone Society, and has been awarded a number of grants and fellowships for her work. For the SAA she served on the Program Committee in 2016, was a panel speaker in 2011, and co-led seminars in 2007 and 2014.

    Jyotsna Singh is Professor of English at Michigan State University. Her books include Colonial Narratives/Cultural Dialogues: “Discoveries” of India in the Language of Colonialism (1996) and Shakespeare and Postcolonial Theory (2019). She edited A Companion to the Global Renaissance: English Literature and Culture in the Era of Expansion (2009), and coedited The Postcolonial World (2016),  and Travel Knowledge: European “Discoveries’” in the Early Modern Period (2001). She is series coeditor of Palgrave Macmillan’s “Transculturalisms 1400-1700,” and is currently writing a book on early modern Muslim and Christian identities. She presented on SAA panels in 2012 and 2017, and co-directed a seminar in 2009.

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