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All current members of the Shakespeare Association of America are entitled to vote in officer elections.

On 1 January each year, to accompany the release of the January Bulletin, a slate of candidates is announced to fill three open positions on the Board of Trustees. There are at least two candidates for the office of Vice-President and at least four candidates for the two open Trusteeships. The SAA member who is elected Vice-President in one year will succeed to the Presidency the next year.

For more on SAA Officers, see Governance.

  • 2018 Ballot for Officers

    2018 Ballots for SAA Officers

    With thanks to the members of the Association who forwarded suggestions, the Nominating Committee of the Shakespeare Association of America, chaired by Natasha Korda (Wesleyan University) and including Amanda Bailey (University of Maryland) and Patricia Cahill (Emory University) present the following candidates for office in 2018:

    For Vice-President

    KATHERINE ROWE is Provost and Dean of the Faculty and Sophia Smith Professor of English at Smith College. Her books include the co-authored New Wave Shakespeare on Screen (2007) and co-edited Reading the Early Modern Passions: Essays in the Cultural History of Emotion (2004). She is Associate General Editor of The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare (2016) and editor of The Tragedy of Macbeth for the Evans Shakespeare (2011). Co-creator of the Folger Luminary Shakespeare iPad app series, she has received many fellowships and grants, including Andrew W. Mellon Foundation support for her work in the digital humanities. She directed an SAA seminar in 2005, and, as an SAA Trustee from 2014 to 2016, she served as Program Planning Chair for the 2015 conference in Vancouver.

    EVELYN TRIBBLE is Professor and Donald Collie Chair of English at the University of Otago; she will move to the University of Connecticut in 2018 as Professor of English. Her books include Early Modern Actors in Shakespeare’s Theatre: Thinking with the Body (2017) and Cognition in the Globe: Attention and Memory in Shakespeare’s Theatre (2011). She has co-edited The Palgrave Companion to Early Modern Literature and Science (2017) and Embodied Cognition in Shakespeare’s Theatre (2014). She has received numerous fellowships and grants, including a Folger Library Long-term Fellowship and awards from the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund. She directed SAA seminars in 2004, 2013, and 2018. An SAA Trustee from 2015 to 2017, she served as Program Planning Chair for the 2016 conference in New Orleans.

    For Trustee

    DENNIS BRITTON is Associate Professor of English and Faculty Fellow at the University of New Hampshire. He serves on the Steering Committee for the New Hampshire Humanities Collaborative and the Executive Committee of the International Spenser Society. He has authored Becoming Christian: Race, Reformation, and Early Modern English Romance (2014) and co-edited Rethinking Shakespeare Source Study: Authors, Audiences, and Digital Technologies (forthcoming 2018). He led SAA seminars in 2013 and 2016 and was on the 2017 “Color of Membership” plenary.

    RUBEN ESPINOSA is Associate Professor of English at the University of Texas, El Paso. He is author of Masculinity and Marian Efficacy in Shakespeare’s England (2011) and co-editor of Shakespeare and Immigration (2014). His current book project, Shakespeare on the Border: Legitimacy, Legacy, and La Frontera, explores intersections of Shakespeare, legitimacy, and Latinx culture. He led SAA seminars in 2010 and 2017, served on the Nominating Committee for 2017, and is on the Program Planning Committee for the 2019 SAA.

    ARTHUR L. LITTLE, JR. is Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is author of Shakespeare Jungle Fever (2000) and Shakespeare and Critical Race Theory (forthcoming), and he is at work on the monograph Black Hamlet and the collection White People in Shakespeare. At UCLA, he has served on the Humanities Committee on Diversity and the Faculty Executive Committee. He led an SAA seminar in 2013 and organized the 2017 plenary, “The Color of Membership.”

    JOYCE GREEN MacDONALD is Associate Professor and member of the Executive Committee of the Department of English at the University of Kentucky. Her Shakespearean Adaptation, Race, and Memory in the New World is under contract at Palgrave. She has also written Women and Race in Early Modern Texts (2002) and has edited Race, Ethnicity, and Power in the Renaissance (1996). She led SAA seminars in 1993, 2000, and 2015, and she spoke on the “Color of Membership” plenary in 2017.

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