Shakespeare Association of America

Resources Overview

The Shakespeare of Association of America is committed to offering its members useful information, be it new or archival. Of interest to all Shakespeareans are such sections as Announcements, Research Links, and In Memoriam Notices. For the organization’s own history, see the archived information about past meetings, seminars, and award winners.

During his luncheon address at the Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting in Bellevue, SAA President Russ McDonald called upon the membership to help build multiform archives on the SAA website. This is to flesh out the history of the organization and to document the scholarly activities of its members. Professor McDonald stated that it is “vital that we undertake to record and make known the abundance, the excellence, and the availability of our members’ productions.”

The SAA seeks to build a bibliography of work published by SAA members that began life in SAA seminars or on SAA panels. We ask all members to send the full bibliographical citation for published work shared in an earlier incarnation at an SAA meeting. For seminar papers, we would be especially grateful to know the name of the seminar in which the paper was discussed and the date of the seminar. Contributions are welcome at

The SAA website will also make space for member reminiscences, to preserve a sense of “the personal relations that the organization has fostered.” The SAA’s founder, Leeds Barroll, and early executive director, Ann Jennalie Cook, have already contributed memoirs about the organization’s first years.