Shakespeare Association of America

How Seminars and Workshops Work

To begin, review the program of seminars and workshops in the June Bulletin. Registration for seminars and workshops opens in June and closes on 15 September. You will be required to make four selections from the total list, in rank order of preference. Only members in good standing may register for seminars or workshops for SAA Annual Meetings.

Each seminar is strictly capped at sixteen participants. Up to four of these places may be reserved for participants invited by the seminar leader(s). The rest are filled on a first-received, first-registered basis. Before the closing deadline, you are welcome to revisit your selections, but if you revise your choices you lose your place in the registration queue. The date and time of revision will serve as the date and time of registration. The closing deadline for seminar and workshop registrations is 15 September, after which a no-switch policy obtains.

Enrollment notifications are issued in early October. The notification will come as a PDF letter of invitation attached to an e-mail message. We have found that formal letters of invitation help SAA members secure conference travel funds from their home universities.

The work of each seminar or workshop is set by its leader(s). By late October you will receive guidelines, directions, and deadlines for work to be completed in advance of the conference. Your contribution to the seminar or workshop should represent original work. It should also honor the intent of the program and observe all directions and deadlines.

The deadline for assigned work is generally about a month before the conference. You will send your work to other members of your group and will receive theirs in return. You will need to assimilate this work thoroughly in order to take part in the discussion at the conference. The enrollment cap of sixteen is designed to make this manageable. If it happens that you are in a double-session seminar, you are responsible only for the work of your group. (You are of course welcome to audit the other session.)

Your leader(s) will confirm to the SAA office that you have completed the advance assignments. Only with this confirmation are you eligible to be listed in the printed conference program. The schedule of seminars and workshops is announced in the SAA’s January Bulletin. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take into account the scheduling requests of individual seminar and workshop members.

At the conference, your seminar or workshop will meet for two hours. You should come prepared not only to represent your own work but also to engage with the fellow members of your group. Proceedings will advance at a high level because the seminar or workshop is the culmination of several months’ worth of preparation.