Shakespeare Association of America

Practicum Descriptions for 2019

The 2019 Conference will introduce two new practicums designed to provide hands-on experiences for SAA conference-goers. Members are not required to sign up for these as part of their selection of four seminar options; either or both of the practicums may be attended in addition to regular seminar enrollment by anyone registered for the conference. To join one or both of the practicums, please respond as described in the descriptions below.

Articles-in-Progress Workshop

Louise Geddes (Adelphi University)

The Articles-in-Progress Workshop supports first time authors preparing their articles for submission to academic journals. Authors will submit an abstract and brief biography and be paired with a senior scholar with editorial expertise. The editors will read a draft of the article and offer feedback at an informal meeting during the conference. Please note that this workshop is offered in addition to regular seminar participation. Essays must be received by 1 February 2019. Members wishing to join this practicum should e-mail Louise Geddes by 1 September.

Members will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Teaching Early Drama beyond the Anglosphere

Anston Bosman (Amherst College)
Barbara Fuchs (University of California, Los Angeles)

This open, drop-in workshop welcomes all conference attendees curious about integrating texts originally written in languages other than English into their teaching. A recent surge in translations, editions, and performance projects makes it easier than ever to expand materials and techniques for enriching syllabi. The workshop will introduce new ideas and practices in a short core presentation, after which breakout sessions led by experts will provide opportunities for in-depth exploration. Members wishing to participate in this practicum are encouraged to email Anston Bosman to indicate their interest; the practicum leaders will then follow up on initial contact with a brief online questionnaire. However, all members are welcome to attend the practicum without prior commitment and on a drop-in basis as their conference schedule allows.